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Speed Reading (english)


Target Group: English-spoken employees

Format: Präsenzseminar

Lecturer: Friedrich Hasse

Duration: 2 days

Dates and Booking:There are no more dates available for 2023. New dates for 2024 will follow.



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Reading accompanies us every day in our working life. How about increasing your reading speed by 25-100% (depending on the difficulty of the text and your English skills) while improving your reading quality ... and increase your reading motivation? Lots of practical exercises and tests and well-dosed theoretical input. Prepare for an intensive training that requires your willingness to change your reading behavior in the long term.Based on the bestseller "Read Faster with Better Comprehension" by Wolfgang Schmitz.

Objective / Content

  • Faster reading speed
  • Better comprehension of the text
  • Variation of different reading techniques and strategies
  • Better concentration and motivation
  • Special approach to different types of texts

Please note

This course is an additional challenge for non-native English speakers. Good/very good English reading (not necessarily speaking) skills are required (about B2 English level).

Because of its content and technics this seminar can only partially be recommended for people with preexisting neurological conditions.

Participation fee (internally)

No charges applied to Charité employees


There are no more dates available for 2023. New dates for 2024 will follow.

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