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Getting an Academic Research Position

Target Group: Researchers (i.e. PhD, Postdoc)

Course Format: VITA-Online course

Total: 7-8 hours

Access only for Charité employees on the nature learning platform.
Click here to start the course and register with your Charité e-mail address.




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The course was developed in collaboration with a team of 11 experts in research career development including experienced academic researchers, Nature journal Editors, and coaching and careers specialists. 

Researchers learn in 4 online modules best practices to take their next career step either as a new postdoc or in a new faculty role, or how to mentor others through the process

The modules contain bite-size lessons so busy researchers can dip in and out. They can track their progress and fit the lessons around their work

Access only for Charité employees on the nature learning platform.
Please, click here to start the course and register with your Charité e-mail address.


You will learn:

  • Understand how to find potential career opportunities that align with your personal attributes, desires, and goals
  • Learn how to apply for positions in a way that will highlight your strongest attributes and most relevant qualities
  • Learn how to present yourself authentically and effectively during all stages of the interview process, giving you the best possible chance of success
  • Understand how to assess whether a job you


  • Explore how self-reflection is crucial for finding a new academic research position 
  • Consider the values, interests, skills, and personal and practical priorities that are most important to you
  • Use your priorities and personal insights to formulate goals that will help guide the next step in your career.
  • How to build a strong professional profile in preparation for applying for a new academic research position
  • To search for postdoc and faculty opportunities using various platforms and your network
  • How to research potential roles and build up a thorough understanding of what they would entail
  • To assess how potential positions align with your priorities and career goals.
  • How to construct an accurate and impressive CV
  • To write a tailored cover letter that highlights your skills and experience
  • To compile effective supplementary materials to support your application 
  • How to submit and follow up on your application
  • Prepare for the interview process 
  • Present yourself at your best during a formal interview, both in person and virtually
  • Prepare and deliver any presentations or tasks the interview process may involve
  • Follow-up effectively after the interviewAssess and negotiate any offer you receive.