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Advancing Your Scientific Presentations

Target Group: Researchers (i.e. PhD, Postdoc)

Course Format: VITA-Online course

Duration: Part 1: 1 hours 30 minutes ; Part 2: 2 hours ; Part 3: 2 hours Part 4: 2 hours

Total: 7 hours 30 minutes

Access only for Charité employees on the nature learning platform.
Click here to start the course and register with your Charité e-mail address.




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Advancing Your Scientific Presentations teaches you how to create more memorable and engaging presentations to scientific peers. In the course you will discover how you can develop your research story - the foundation of your presentation - using narrative tools, how to build a slide deck that supports and enhances your presentation and how to prepare to deliver your presentation on the day.

Access only for Charité employees on the nature learning platform.
Please, click here to start the course and register with your Charité e-mail address.


You will learn:

  • To identify techniques that can help to overcome the challenges that researchers commonly face when creating and delivering oral presentations
  • To build compelling research stories to use as the foundation for your presentations
  • To create professional slide decks that effectively communicate your research findings to your audience
  • To apply strategies to help you deliver your presentation effectively on the day, in both virtual and face-to-face environments


Part 1: Overcoming your research presentation challenges:

  • Identify what you will learn from this course and how it is organised
  • Identify the benefits and challenges of developing and delivering effective presentations to communicate your research
  • Understand how tailoring each presentation to align with its purpose and audience can help improve your presentations and avoid common pitfalls
  • Understand the benefits of using narrative techniques to develop effective presentations to communicate your research.

Part 2: Developing the story behind your talk:

  • Identify the key message you want to communicate through your presentation
  • Select the evidence that will accurately, concisely and effectively illustrate your key message throughout your presentation
  • Identify the ‘characters’ that will drive the action in your presentation
  • Select the most suitable structure for your presentation
  • Combine your audience, key message, evidence, characters and structure to create the story for your presentation.

Part 3: Building an engaging slide deck:

  • Create an outline of your slide deck to help you structure your presentation in line with your research story and common constraints
  • Select an appropriate presentation program and template to set up a slide deck
  • Develop clear and effective components to communicate your research story
  • Fine-tune your slide deck by adding wayfinding features, soliciting feedback and reviewing and revising the content as needed.

Part 4: Preparing and navigating your talk:

  • Make use of tips to help you get technically and logistically prepared to effectively deliver your presentation on the day
  • Apply strategies to help you prepare for your ‘performance’
  • Communicate and interact with your audience in a professional and engaging manner
  • Apply strategies to help you prepare for and manage the question and answer (Q&A) session after your presentation
  • Identify strategies for managing difficult situations when delivering your presentation