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Advanced Light Microscopy (eng.)


Target Group: Employees of the Charité, Doctors, Postdocs

Course Format: Classroom seminar

Lecturer: Dr. Jan Schmoranzer

Duration: 4 hours

Booking: 21.03.2024



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Light microscopy is one of the main methods to investigate biological structures and processes within the cell. Modern light microscopy methods have been developing rapidly within the last years. This course will inform biologists, medical researchers and technical staff about the experimental possibilities in modern microscopy. What methods exist? What can I investigate with them? What is important during sample preparation? Which temporal and spatial resolution can I achieve.


Introduction to fluorescence microscopy for advanced students with a focus on applications in biology.


• Fluorescence
• Microscopy modes
• Limitations in spatial, temporal, spectral resolution
• Live-cell imaging
• Super-resolution microscopy

Please note

The training will be held in english.
Die Fortbildung wird in englischer Sprache durchgeführt

We recommend participating in the "Microskopie Grundmodul"
Wir empfehlen die Teilnahme am Microskopie Grundmodul

Participation fee 

Gebühr entfällt für Mitarbeitende, Promovierende und Doktoranden der Charité

No charges applied to Charité employees, students, PhD and doctoral candidates


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